You can easily see yourself as the glamorous pin-up vixen you know you are by commissioning a digital or original oil painting of yourself.  Paintings also make a great and personalized gift for your significant other (and I do paint male pin-ups as well so don't hesitate to ask if you want to see your man looking hot and sexy).

Digital painting prices start at $300 for an 8x10 which includes the cost of one print at that size and the image cd from which you can make as many prints as you like either at home or professionally. 

I can work from as little as a picture of only your face but full body pictures are helpful.  I have a large library of model poses and body types and can easily use your face on another model's body and pose.  Most of my digital paintings have been done that way already if you wanted to see how that works.  You can't even tell the difference which is the point. 

I also am able to make any enhancements you might want (i.e. larger breasts, smaller waists, perfect skin, long or short hair, you name it).  You can add outrageous outfits and jewelry as well as imaginative things like angel wings, devil horns and anything else you can dream up.

See my Commissions page for pricing and then send me an email with your specific requests/proposals.  Digital paintings follow a different pricing chart than originals and include a signed print and cd with your painting on it for reprinting.